The saw model ZS offers the right machine for each possible use. Crosscut, mitre and shifter cuts are processed neatly and precisely. Machines can be equally used for processing wood, PVC and aluminium profiles. The outstanding feature of the machines is a solid and easy to use construction. The sawing unit running in four ball box bearings, runs on a hardened guide lug which can be tilted horizontally on both sides for mitring. In the "N" models the guide lug can additionally be inclined vertically, which enables also compound mitre cuts.

Re-adjustable positive stops at 90° and 45°, intermediate mitre settings using easily read scales. Acute angular cuts of less than 45° are possible for some of the models, too. Lower saw blade protection suitable for connection with suction plant.

The Isomat is used for rolling the Schüco AWS / ADS system profile components together with the insulating bars and for rolling down the angles on various profiles from the Schüco façade and skylight constructions.