Sapa Logic, Thermic & Biblio:

This is a program designed by Sapa that we use for to show the designs of facades. This program is integral to our work as it provides a view of the finished product as well as providing the team with the accessories needed to complete the job, the cutting lists for the job and also can provide an instant quote for each door reference, however this is not always the correct price so we have our estimating team work alongside it.

The next programs name is Sapa Thermic, within this area there are functions so you can see the thermal value of the whole job and also of each individual unit.

Finally, there is Sapa Biblio which is a program which allows you to find out ix and iy values as well as u values.



This program works in the same way as the Sapa program, however it only works at making windows and doors with Schco made aluminium profiles.